Cloud Server

Cloud Server



A cloud server is a sound communication device or server that is hosted and delivered through a cloud computing podium over the Internet. Cloud servers own and exhibit similar competence and performance to a regular server but are achieved from distance from a cloud service provider. It`s virtual servers running on cloud computing setting.




When opting for cloud hosting, clients are hiring virtual server space rather than renting or purchasing physical servers. They are often paid for by the hour banking on the contents required.

At Max IT, all our official linux cloud servers use SSH keys for logging in. When a new cloud server is created it will automatically install your SSH keys using cloud-init so that you can login securely straightaway. This is much more secure than emailing and sharing root passwords.




Why choose Max IT?



High Performance


Max IT Cloud Servers are on-demand, performance-optimized virtual machines, backed by lightning-rapid SSD storage and our next generation network. Creating a new cloud server takes as little as 30 seconds.


Isolated data centre “Zones”


Zones are physically separate data centre facilities interconnected by our well protected network. For true redundancy, simply create Cloud Servers in both Zones and use Load Balancing to distribute traffic across them.


Genuinely private networking


Our high performance and highly accessible network provides each of your Cloud Servers with its own independent network segment, secure from interlude.


·Cloud IP enabled


Cloud IPs are static public IPv4 addresses which can be immediately moved between Cloud Servers, Load Balancers or Cloud SQL instances.


Cloud Firewall


Max IT Cloud firewall allows you to smoothly manage access to, from and between your Cloud Servers. Its distributed architecture avoids the single points of blockage associated with many firewall solutions.


Use any operating system


Max IT Cloud works with any operating system. Choose one of our “official” images, import your own, or even PXE boot from the Internet!


PXE boot

Cloud Servers can PXE boot from the network as opposed to loading the installed operating system – providing endless options for using little known operating systems and rescuing broken servers.


Out-of-band console access


Our browser-based graphical console allows you to connect securely to your Cloud Servers to view what is being output to screen-extremely useful for diagnosing boot issues.


 Native IPv6 enabled


Max IT cloud servers support native IPv6 connectivity, and can be directly accessed via IPv6 before an IPv4 Cloud IP is mapped to them. Our firewall is dual-stack too.

Application programming interface(API)

We provide a RESTful API as well as a simple command-line interface. Our accommodating OAuth-based authentication system gives you fine grained control over who has right of entry to your account and resources.


Fact checker

  • Over 60% of American companies plan to boost cloud budgets in 2015.
  • 94% of experts say their business surveillance has improved after adopting cloud applications.
  • 64% of companies have reduced misuse and have lowered energy consumption levels after transferred to Cloud Computing.
  • A new cloud server is added for every 700 smart phones or 150 tablets in use.
  • The US Federal Government rescued about $5.5 Billion per year by shifting to Cloud Services.
  • Within 2020, cloud system will cross the $270 billion mark.
  • Average outage on cloud services is 7.5 hours per year, giving the cloud a scope rate of 99.9%.
  • 75% of businesses ranked that service opportunity developed since shifting to the cloud.
  • 91% of SMBs says their cloud providers made it easier to comply with execution requirements.
  • By 2016, 36% of all data is likely to be stored in the cloud. Up from 14% in 2015.
  • 90% of Microsoft’s research & development budget is being used to develop cloud technology and safety services.
  • 67% of IT professionals use cloud services and functions.
  • 52% of companies reported increased data utilization.
  • 47% of companies said they witness lower operating expenditure after cloud adoptions.
  • Cloud Computing is more than 40 times cost effective for an SMB, compared to running its own IT system.
  • 50% of US companies increased their public Cloud budgets in 2014.
  • Cloud computing financing in SMBs will reach $16 billion in 2015.
  • Software as a overhaul applications will be the biggest cloud service grade by 2015 encompassing 67.4 billion.
  • More than 60% of enterprises that adopt cloud computing accept that it reduces energy utilization.
  • 80% of cloud adopters believe that it helps their organization reduce IT costs.
  • 56% of organization is seeking to hire professionals with cloud expertise.