Software Development

Software Development

From intelligent customization of the pre-developed platforms to modern custom software development along the client’s initiative, Max IT is an experienced development associate to deliver economical and reliable custom software solutions that match your exclusive requirements.



Areas of work

    • New Application Development
    • Application Integration and Customization
    • Legacy Application Migration & Improvement
    • Application Support & Constant Improvement
    • Project Rescue

How it works



 Efficient project oganization


Our extensive hands-on implementation experience allows Max IT to extract only the most competent practices from all the used methodologies taking into account only real requirements in the efficient, transparent and inevitable process. We provide mature and quality project management, focusing on the key elements:

  • Project communication
  • Requirements management
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Reporting and in-between deliveries

Optimal technical implementation

Our expertise comprises a wide-ranging set of a range of technologies that lets us to carry out the most challenging and complex projects and satisfy customer expectations and preferences. For each project, we assign a well-balanced project group of developers, software architects, analysts and project managers.

Quality control

Dependable quality assurance is a vital part of any implementation methodology. Max IT has a highly professional and well-resourced independent QA wing that takes control over your software quality control and audit.




Why choose Max IT?



  • Dedicated Team


More companies are making software development a vital component of their broader business strategies, but very few have the luxury of an unrestricted hiring budget. Whether you require to enhance your existing workforce or hire a committed team, Max IT`s experts will deliver solutions to meet your exact requirements.


  • Startup Product Strategy


During this a few weeks course, our skilled consultants, developers and product managers work with you to go into the details of your idea, cross-examine possible drawbacks, create a sample and set up the product for development. By helping you create a clear, widespread product strategy, Max IT will carry you quickly to the pinnacle of success.


  • Enterprise Software Development


Every enterprise relies heavily on the digital devices it uses to accomplish its indispensable tasks. While it is possible to create your functions around software, better outcomes can be achieved by modeling and creating software that will fit, and streamline the company’s workflow and contain fast growth and scalability.


  • UI/UX Design


While apealing design is essential to attracting users,  UX is about enhancing the outcomes which provide value to your users. At Max IT, we bring you both. Our experienced team of designers and developers work together to bring you a finished product that is both trouble free and flawlessly functional, resulting in a well-formed digital user experience.


  • Quality assurance


Software development is hardly ever a straight road to success. Substandard concepts and inferior features can reveal themselves at any point along the way. To launch your best possible product, you’ll require a consistent system for detecting minor issues before they become major problems.


  • Enterprise product strategy


Into the current rapidly changing business scene, your company can’t be dependent on obsolete software. Our talented developers and project managers will analyze your challenges, identify success barriers, and create a fully-customized software solution designed to rationalize efficiencies, cut costs, boost customer engagement and so on.


  • Maintenance & support

Perfect software has never been created, and that’s perfectly accurate. User preferences vary too widely and change too rapidly for software to satisfy everyone at the same time. The one thing all users do expect, is a minimum level of dependability and performance. We provide 24/7 customer support from our skilled team and respond rapidly to all support requests. All staff are highly qualified and trained to help without delay, no matter how complex the issue is.