Web Hosting

Website hosting services – or web hosting as it’s more frequently known – underpin every single website on the internet. Web hosting services store and allocate your website’s data to your site viewers. When you buy website hosting services you’ll be acquiring space on a server, which is kept and maintained in one of our universal data centers. That data is powered by our own power source, which sends it across the internet when any visitor appears into your site.


Web Hosting Pkag-1 ( Basic )
$5.00 USD Monthly
Disk Space - 1 GB
Bandwidth - Unlimited
Domains - Up to 3 websites
Email - Unlimited
Web Hosting Pkag-2 ( Basic )
$3.00 USD Monthly
Disk Space - 500 MB
Bandwidth - Unlimited
Domains - Up to 3 websites
Email - Unlimited
Web Hosting Pkag-1 ( Business )
$40.00 USD Monthly
Disk Space - 10 GB
Bandwidth - Unlimited
Domains - Up to 12 websites
Email - Unlimited
Web Hosting Pkag-1 ( Pro )
$20.00 USD Monthly
Disk Space - 3 GB
Bandwidth - Unlimited
Domains - Up to 10 websites
Email - Unlimited


Max IT offers web hosting and makes sure geo- prolixity with data centers established all across the world. Our high- functioning data centers employ the latest technologies to provide 300 Gbit/s of external connectivity and optimal consistency for your website hosting. In addition, in order to ensure that your website is always working impeccably, all of your data is accumulated on geo-redundant servers – with a number of state-of-the-art data centers. Max IT can therefore guarantee nearly 100% uptime. Geo-redundant storage is executed to ensure that in case of failure in one region, the particular module at the back-up location will automatically answer to keep the website working. Even at the time of maintenance or updates of your site, your content will still be accessible and fully functional for you and your visitors – without disruption.



 Why choose Max IT?


High performance, super-quick website hosting


Created on the most up-to-date server hardware and technology, our sound web hosting platform is based into a high-tech, secured data centre for speed, high quality and consistent service.


The dependability of web hosting


As a top brand of hosting provider, our platform is arranged in clusters with distributed resources and no single point of malfunction. Its solid architecture is designed to give you maximum uptime with the power and consistency your business needs.


In-house Customer Support


If you have a support inquiry, our highly skilled support professionals are on hand 24x7x365. Our team is qualified to make sure that you have personal, practical responses to all your queries.


No Hidden Cost


We keep the cost of our products as transparent as if they had price tags. You can visit our price list anytime to check the exclusive packages.


No Worries Warranty


If you’re not happy with our hosting services, we’ll give you your money back. The contract must be terminated within 30 days, and excludes domain name(s)


Organized guidance


We won’t puzzle you with strange tech terms. Our website is written in plain English, but you can find links to detailed specs when you require them.


Plus Ones


You can host multiple websites with us, which will be very much cost effective for you. We offer: unlimited hosting, shared hosting and ecommerce hosting.


You can do what YOU want


We offer various user friendly devices with our plans that give our clients supreme flexibility and wide-ranging choices. These include a choice of site builders, shopping carts, blogging tools, and photo galleries and so on. You get unlimited traffic and emails with us, so you don’t have to waste time budgeting your resources.