Website Design

Your website is your virtual salesman. It’s accessible 24/7 and is a way to connect to the world who you are and what you do. At Max IT, we offer a total service from website design to create into a approachable, user friendly and good looking website. Once created, your website will be submitted to major search engines with suitable headers and keywords to prepare your site trouble free to locate and search engine friendly.




If you are looking for a creative digital agency to take your business in places, then contact us today to discuss early ideas. We’ll guide you through the appealing options accessible, recommended by our skilled team here at Max IT.


Why choose Max IT?


The skilled team

As a pioneer agency we frequently research and implement the best practices of website design and conversion rate analysis to make sure the creative design concepts and layouts we create will cause continued outcomes.

Max IT offers a highly efficient services into the design, development, programming and marketing of your website. We strive to offer the best solution for your business and objective advice at decent price. We are continuously investigating recent technologies and suggest them when they make sense.


High quality content


Your content is the key feature of your website and requires to be given huge importance. Ideally you should provide the majority of your subject matter prior to commencement of design as this assists a great deal to provide us with a knowledge of your business. We also advise that your website be content rich, as this facilitates your website attain a well ranked position in Google and other search engines. An accessible company website or brochure is the best place to begin.

We can offer copy writing services if you require any help. High quality copy sells your services and assists your search engine optimization (SEO) as well.


Unique images

We can provide images from an online stock if needed at a small charge per image. On the other hand, we can provide a photographer if you require your products or premises efficiently photographed.

With the growth of mobile and tablet browsing it is vital that your website design adapts to what tool it is being viewed on. Our website designers use responsive design techniques to make sure that it looks appealing and functions well on all the devices. We use the most up-to-date technology of HTML5 and CSS3.


Under one roof


We like to keep everything under one roof to ensure customers satisfaction. Max IT is ‘one-stop-shop’ web design agency providing everything you require to successfully promote your business to different clients.

Our services include planning and strategy, website design and development, building web applications and customized programming, company branding, graphic design, copywriting, photography and a wider range of other professional digital marketing services.